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 About Our Lights 


Our hanging lights are fully assembled, bubble wrapped and light-weight. Cords are included but not the bulbs. 


  • Cords are black in colour and 1500mm (1.5metres) in length. Additional length can be provided upon request (with a little extra cost)
  • Recommended 40 watts E27 (base) Compact Florescent Lamp. Regular incandescent bulbs with E27 base will also work fine, but please do not use incandescent bulbs over 40 watts.


About our Light Series


We currently have 7 Series


  • Classic             - Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon
  • Nostalgia          - Square Slanted, Diamond Slanted, Hexagon Slanted, Octagon Slanted
  • Picket Fence    - The Three Musketeers, Tiny, Lean, Sturdy
  • Saturn              - The Three Moons, Mimas, Rhea, Titan  
  • The Tower       - TSS, TSM, TST, STSSU, STMSU, STTSU
  • DIY                  - STDIY, MTDIY, TTDIY
  • The Ceramic    - SCWS, MCWS, TCWS


 About Our Decorative Products


  • Key Box Holder
  • Tissue Box            - STB, MTB, BTB
  • Candle Holder
  • Calender Holder
  • Namecard Holder
  • Decorative Box
  • Menu Cover
  • Door Plate
  • Door Sign