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Design Your Own...

You are in "Design Your Own" section. Please first select your Series, Product Type, Colour and Quantity to start.


Note: Colour shown may differ slightly from actual (actual much nicer) due to pixel limitation. 


Important: If you choose Picket Fence Series


Picket Fence consist of Tiny (18 vertical boards), Lean (20 vertical boards) and Sturdy (22 vertical boards).


Picket Fence Colour Selection


In the colour selection on the next page, it will show 9 colours selection for Tiny, 10 for Lean and 11 for Sturdy.


You can select all different colours to have a rainbow effect.


However, (for example) if you only wanted to have 2 different colours, than you need to select only 2 colours interchangeably (alternately) until you complete filling all the colour selection. (Please refer back to existing Picket Fence catalogue for guidance).


Please select the colours evenly so not to have an awkward lantern.


We will send an e-mail to you for colour arrangement confirmation. We will only start production once we received your reply.


Checkout Design Flow

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